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We have passion for our craft, the manual and custom work of our treatments where the focus is on quality, identity and experience.

Hair Treatments

Especially for you

Blow Dry subscription

6 x blow drying for the price of 5
(v.a. €162,50)

Are you 60+?  Than you will receive

10% discount

on your treatments

Ladies Hair

We understand the power of a good hair cut! Whether you are going for a bob, layers, our special curl technique or a ponytail, we will help you to find your own ‘signature cut’ which will match your identity.


But besides a good haircut, our top priority is also the quality of your hair! Our hairstylists will gladly give you a professional advice on how to improve the quality and condition of your hair. We care for your hair!

Haircut incl. Intense Hair Treatment
v.a. €71,00
Personal advice, Intense treatment, haircut, blow & styling your hair
Basic Haircut Short/Till the shoulder (M)
Personal advice, wasmassage, conditioner, haircut, blow & style to your wishes
Basic Haircut Long (L)
Personal advice, wasmassage, conditioner, haircut, blow & style to your wishes
Polish blow & Cut
v.a. €51,50
Washing, cutting and a firm polish blow dry of your hair
Curl Cut Technique
Washing & Cutting with a special curl technique.
Curl Cut Technique Deluxe
Washing & Cutting with a special curl technique & a treatment mask for your hair.
Polish Blow
v.a. €35,00
Washing and a firm blow dry of your hair
YIP's Quick Styling
A job interview, lunch, a night out of a exciting date? We can perform a quick styling in your hair in a snap. Washing & drying your hair in this treatment is not excluded. If you want to wash & dry your hair, please let us know.
YIP's Up-Do
v.a. €37,50
A special moment? We can make your hair special. Let us know your wishes and we will make a stylish look for a special moment.

Are you 60+? Than you will receive

10% discount

on your treatments

Men Hair

Today there are as many choices for a men’s haircut as for a ladies haircut. Would you like to fresh up your haircut or are you going for a completely different look? Your hair is in good hands in our salon. And which style you choose, the end result is a good and styled haircut.

Wash, cut, afterwash & drying hair
Basic Tondeuze
Wash, clipping, afterwash & drying hair (note: your hair will be treated with clippers and not with a scissor)
Beard trimming

On Wednesday children will receive

10% discount

on their cutting treatment

Hair Kids & Teenagers

Cutting small children can sometimes be a whole task. Often they are impatient because they have to sit still and sometimes children are a little bit scared of the hairdresser. It is our task to comfort the children, make them relaxed so they will go with a smile on their little faces home again with a nice haircut.


The older children often know very well what they prefer. We listen to their wishes and the wishes of the parents so we can give them a good advice for a haircut so they are happy with their new look.

Children t/m 3 years
Children from 4 t/m 11 years
Teenagers from 12 t/m 18 years
Washing, cutting & drying

Coloring Strip Card

10 x color treatments, de 11e time 50% discount

Color Treatments & Color Consult

The color of your hair is an important part of your personality. It is not only important the color suits you, but it also must give you a pleasant feel. That is the reason you will shine. Is a warm tint or a cool tint better for you? Our hairstylists will determine together with you which color service will suit you and which color fits your personality and wishes. This consult is free of charge!


Our hairstylist can help you with:


  • Creative coloring (multiple Colors, bayalages, high- and lowlights, trend coloring)
  • Total discoloration from dark to light or reversed.
  • Problem solvers for customers who colored at home.
  • The quality of your hair is always our priority, we will always be honest to you if something is possible or not, so your hair will be damaged as little as possible in a treatment.

YIP's Basic Color
v.a. €62,00
Complete hair color treatment at which the roots will be eliminated and the lengths will be colored intensively.
YIP's Total Color Change
v.a. €140,00
A complete color change treatment from light to dark or reversed. An intensive coloring proces which to it is advisable to plan a free color consult with our hairstylists so we can discuss your wishes.
Silver Glow Service
A new oxidant silver rehabilitating treatment for natural grey hair. Free of maintenance and free of damaging. A quick & effective treatment to reduce yellowness and to enrich natural grey hair. More glow in your hair. Ask our employees for the possibilities.
Only Roots and Fresh Up
Coloring roots treatment
Highlights, Lowlights or Both
v.a. €40,00
Our high- and lowlights are going in parts. One part is 10 folies. With our techniques we will split your hair in parts and the length of your hair will determine how many parts you will need to get the color result you wish.
Bayalage is the French word for 'wipe' or 'paint'. It will give your hair a sun-kissed natural color effect. Because the color treatment is from dark to light, it will last longer and you do not have to worry about your roots. It looks very natural. And would you like an extremer look, also that's possible. Ask our employees about the possibilities.
v.a. €29,50
It is our advice to tone your hair with a blond treatment, highlights, ombre or balayalage. It will give your hair color more character. Often your light dyed hair needs to be freshened up after a while because the color becomes more yellow or orange. If you tone your hair once in 3 to 6 weeks, you will have more and longer pleasure of your bayalage or highlights.
Free Color Consult
It is time for a other or different color in your hair? We would like to give you a professional advice in your choices. You can book a free color consult in our salon to determine with our hairstylists which color suits you and with which effects we can create a new look for you.

Treatment Strip Card

10 x treatment, de 11e time 50% discount


With an intensive hair mask treatment you will strengthen your hair which will cause less hair loss and healthy hair with a nice shine. This treatment has a longer visible en sensible effect than your home treatments. The products are adapted to your hair and what it needs in care. Lovely for your hair and a nice relax moment for you!

Essential Treatment (only with a haircut)
v.a. €52,50
The System Essential Treatment is a basic mask that restores only the out layer of the hair, making it shiny and easy to comb through. Along with a haircut and blow-dried hairstyle, this is the ideal foundation
Intense Treatment
v.a. €39,50 (including a haircut v.a. €71,00)
This unique treatment combines two product benefits into a custom care solution. The Intense treatment consists of our basic treatment, an infusion and an emulsion. These elements ensure that the ingredients penetrate deeply enough to restore the hair structure from within, while daily stresses dissipate and you completely relax
Detox Treatment
v.a. €39,50 (including a haircut v.a. €71,00)
Do you suffer from scalp problems? Then the Detox Treatment is just what you need with our unique System Professional lines: Nativ, Balance or Purify, we can address all scalp types. Activate your scalp with a unique shampoo, combined with a scalp-active serum, a refreshing mask and a gentle after-treatment. These powerful ingredients provide a purifying, invigorating and fresh sensation
Hair Refilling Treatment
v.a. €45,00 (including a haircut v.a. €75,50)
This treatment, using the iconic Liquid Hair or Lipid Booster, deeply replenishes/restores damaged hair from within. It creates up to 90% shinier hair, making it feel full and strong, with resilience and elasticity restored and an immediate improvement in the hair's overall health


Would you like to have longer hair, but do you not have the patience to wait for it to grow the length you want? Than hair extensions can be the solution. Or is your hair long but very thin? Also for hair thickening extensions can be right for you.


We would like to give you a professional advice about placing extensions in your hair. We work with the extensions of Hairtalk & Royalty Extensions. Natural hair with a lot of possibilities in lengths and colors.

Hair Extensions
v.a. €548,50
Hair thickening
v.a. €308,00
Prices are including placing extensions and connecting to your own hair

Bride & Groom

De trouwdag is de mooiste dag uit je leven. Je staat helemaal in het middelpunt dus wil je er op-en-top uitzien. Dit vergt veel voorbereiding en daar helpen we graag bij. Wij hebben een tweetal bruidsarrangementen samengesteld. Ons doel is om ervoor te zorgen dat je op deze dag nog meer zult stralen. Uiteraard kunnen we altijd een arrangement geheel naar eigen wens samenstellen.


Ook voor een mooi gala kapsel kun je bij ons terecht en uiteraard kunnen we ook je feestelijke make-up voor je verzorgen.